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16 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, Oon Tian Tan, Karen Sherwood and Barbara Gilchrest of the Boston University Medical Center describe testing a more accurate laser, the dye laser, on 35 patients aged 3 months to 14 years with disfiguring port-wine stains on the head and neck.
He concluded: "This [laser] should be the treatment of choice for untreated or previously treated port-wine stains and superficial to moderately thick hemangiomas.
It is true that some pathologists likely did call port-wine stains "hemangiomas," even though they are malformations.
Three in every 1,000 babies are affected by port-wine stains which can cover half the face.
EMLA was also compared with placebo in the laser treatment of facial port-wine stains in 72 pediatric patients ages 5-16.
Histologic responses of port-wine stains treated by argon, carbon dioxide, and tunable dye lasers.