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DTIC responded to this request by launching the R & E Portal in April 2005.
Enhancing the overall capabilities of the Java Enterprise System, the Sun Java System Portal Server 7 is the first to allow the easy creation of interactive communities of users and services, building community portals populated with collaborative content including RSS feeds, blogs and wikis.
Is it possible to design Web portal interfaces in such a way that they appeal to young users and become their preferred entry point to Web-based information?
But it's good enough for the vast majority of web-oriented applications, and its initial price tag is a nice fit for many portal strategies.
Next generation portal vendors are working hard to provide internal and external users with personalized, integrated and secure Web-based interfaces to data, applications and collaboration services--a definitive advance from the single-page, information-only Web portals of the past.
Directories, which store user identity information, simplify the management of these portal solutions, by allowing companies to control access to portal resources and personalize those resources based on a user's role and responsibility in the company.
The cpa2biz portal will be the place for all CPA activity on the Web," declares AICPA President Barry Melancon.