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Hitachi launched its own TWX-21 portal site in September 1997.
For example, a portal site might have a category titled "Transportation," which would, among all its sub-categories, have one entitled "Trucks," which might have several sub-categories of its own.
Available to patients who go to hospitals and clinics that are registered with the portal site, the new service provides the patients with online access to their medical charts via the Internet.
About 65 million people use Daum's portal site in South Korea.
SuccessNames recently reported the signup of its 10,000th member and hopes to double the growth rate for the remainder of the year through the rapid deployment of dozens of new portal sites and increased marketing and advertising expenditures.
ShowTime is the membership portal site for subscribers to enjoy about 20,000 content at a monthly fee of 294 yen.
Broadband online service provider Excite@Home has launched a new teen portal site called ZinK.
Netscape Communications has plans to launch a set of new services for its Netscape Netcenter portal site to enable users to access information and services faster.
1 to make it more competitive with the portal site of Yahoo Japan Corp.