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Within the 3D dataset, a virtual needle path was drawn by the operator from the puncture site (hepatic vein stump or intrahepatic inferior vena cava [IVC]) to the target portal vein (Figure 3).
Hepatic infarction is uncommon due to the dual blood supply from the hepatic artery and portal vein as well as extensive collateral vessels.
Long-term outcome of percutaneous transhepatic balloon angioplasty for portal vein stenosis after pediatric living donor liver transplantation: A single institute's experience.
2+]-induced contractions of KCl-depolarized rat portal vein preparations and on the influx and mobilization of cytosolic calcium in cultures of cardiomyocytes from ventricles of new born rats, by fluorescence measurements.
An ultrasound of the abdomen and both lower limbs showed that the thrombosis of the right popliteal vein and portal vein had no significant alteration compared with previous images.
Then, on d 5, blood samples from each pig were collected simultaneously from the portal vein catheters at 0.
single large shunt that connects the right portal vein to the inferior vena cava (IVC) (most common)
In 3-8% of the patients, the portal vein pressure is >35 mmHg.
Expanded clinical trial information: Up-to-date information on TheraSphere[R] Phase III clinical trials, which include YES-P (liver cancer patients with portal vein thrombosis) STOP-HCC (patients with hepatocellular carcinoma) and EPOCH (patients with colorectal cancer whose disease has metastasized to the liver).
Grade 1 hepatosteatosis--mild hepatosteatosis with a slight increase in liver echogenicity and slight exaggeration of liver-kidney difference in echo amplitude with relative preservation of portal vein walls.
Food intake can be modulated through mu-opioid receptors (MORs, which also bind morphine) on nerves found in the walls of the portal vein, the major blood vessel that drains blood from the gut.
The latest case involved a young girl with an obstructed hepatic portal vein, which drains blood from the intestines and spleen to the liver.