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Handelman has feathered the edges of the grass and trees so that they dissolve into an opaque cloud, portending an ambiguous catastrophe: an apocalyptic duststorm perhaps, or a nuclear explosion.
Harry Feiner designed the constructivist set of striated mountain shapes dominated by an ominous, inverted, black wedge that hovered over the performers, portending strife--but the bird's hopeful magic prevailed.
35 a gallon for regular grade by Friday and portending a very expensive summer for motorists, analysts say.
Among the disturbing reports portending the likelihood of more suicide bombings in this country was a story that appeared in the April 21st Philadelphia Inquirer concerning a large group of Muslims bused from Philadelphia to the D.
Geoscientists have been monitoring the seismic unrest and ground movement closely, looking for signs that magma is squeezing up through the crust toward the surface, perhaps portending an eruption.
Following the catastrophic bombing assault on lives and federal property in Oklahoma in mid-April, it's a good bet that any threats or gestures portending violence - bulldozers included - will be dealt with considerably more resolutely than in the past.
Favorable year-to-date gains for the DLBB thus are portending a 6 percent to 7 percent gain for the bank's Detroit Area Business Activity Index (DABAI) during 1992, its strongest performance since 1984.