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The 36% increase (year-on-year) in mortgage lending in January 2002 portends another year of double-digit gains in mortgage lending.
The establishment of this center portends great things for a wide spectrum of colleges at the university and for the center's many partners throughout the Americas.
With retailers already wrestling with a depressed shopping climate, the shutdown of 29 western ports - which annually handle $300 billion worth of cargo including clothing, toys, electronics and other items popular with holiday shoppers - portends of an even tighter holiday season.
We're incredibly pleased with the initial outings of our CORR Nissan race trucks this weekend, which portends well for the 2006 CORR season," said Ron Stukenberg, senior manager, Nissan Motorsports marketing and operations.
But DeGeneres fans may be gratified that this series already captures her entertaining awkwardness better than ``Ellen'' usually did, which only portends good things for the future.
The competition free environment that the market exclusivity portends is an obvious advantage.
off Any responsible critic would warn you away from something as gleefully crass as Comedy Central's ``The Man Show'' and wring his or her hands about what ill fortunes this kind of junk portends for the fate of Western Civilization.
As a home-rule city, Bloomington's broad tax base and commitment to sustaining strong financial performance through tighter financial policies portends greater financial flexibility.
But its second-episode addition of a character named Jimmy Bond (Stephen Snedden), a well-intentioned if air-headed benefactor whose doltish bravado suggests Owen Wilson's character Dignan in the movie ``Bottle Rocket,'' portends good things in the future.
Any report that portends to be thorough must include findings and recommendations regarding the Police Commission and its role in rooting out corruption, hiring policies and management oversight,'' Hunt said.
The Fort Riley expansion portends positive economic prospects for Manhattan through continued growth of its tax base and employment increases.