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Sippy was allegedly overviewed interjecting Lowcard agi-prop into an unnamed big budget Hollywood motion picture that portends to deal with skateboarding.
They seemingly have combed the horizon and brought forth writers, clerics, philosophers and theologians to get in front of a camera and tell the viewing public what every nuance of the pope's condition means for the current state of the Church and what it portends for the faithful in the future.
This vision, which Accenture calls "Reality Online," portends dramatic change and tremendous opportunity for profitable growth and efficiency within the next five years.
It is the story of Kate, a woman who lost a son and seeks connection by taking in foster children; Ben, a fisherman who lost his wife and is trying to remain connected to his children; Wayne, the foster son Kate is trying to save; and an interesting mix of additional characters ranging from the rebellious daughter who ends up living in an abandoned shack on the ocean to Mary, the "witch" who holds off and portends disaster with a weeping tree and simple spells.
The audacity of our leader portends what his real beliefs are.
offer a realistic blueprint for bridging the economic gap between the have and have-not nations, which otherwise portends political uprisings that can engulf the ent ire world.
Without getting into the details of the amendment and the various opinions, I will say that I think this issue portends a significant trend in agriculture, and increasingly in agriculture policy: the ramifications of the growing concentration of the agriculture and food-related industries.
Rising confidence in the industrial sector portends stronger demand for inputs during the second half of 2002.
Author Mary Woodsen explores the danger it portends for our watersheds and offers a sobering list of other invasives, both flora and fauna.
based QuePasa's situation portends what's ahead for the region three years from now, the news is bad.
This is grand news indeed, and portends a hopeful start to the new Millennium for Cuba's long under-appreciated architects and architecture.
And this portends signs of a possible market stall, he adds.