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To him, human life had dwarfed to microscopic proportions before this colossal portent of higher life from within the distances of the sidereal universe.
John looked puzzled, not quite understanding the portent of this cryptic saying.
Verily, all too well do I understand the dream's portent and monition: my DOCTRINE is in danger; tares want to be called wheat!
And, as if these words, spoken calmly, had been the portent of misfortune, she answered with a loud wail that must have been heard across the yard in the pig-sty; for the pigs (the Bacadous had the finest pigs in the country) stirred and grunted complainingly in the night.
They stood perplexed before him as if before a dreadful portent.
Outward portents and inward presentiments were his.
the crew singing for joy, that so promising an event should so soon have falsified the evil portents preceding it.
Still, now and then, I received a damping check to my cheerfulness; and was, in spite of myself, thrown back on the region of doubts and portents, and dark conjectures.
No portents now our foes amaze, Forsaken Israel wanders lone; Our fathers would not know =Thy= ways, And =Thou= hast left them to their own.
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Everything seemed dreary: the portents before the birth of Cyrus-- Jewish antiquities--oh dear
Who could have foreseen from it these fearful portents which seemed to threaten violence and discord among the dwellers in The Wilderness?