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The ensuing shootout started portentously for both teams with Tevez and Jorginho failing to score.
W]hile the portentously titled How Music Works seems to be a sprawling hodgepodge--it's digressive and single-minded, candid and opaque, fascinating and dull--nearly everything in it can be seen as a gloss on his transformation.
Considering the millennia spanning the gap between the mythological Medusa and the current head of the IMF, the aforementioned venomous snakes have been transformed into sleek silvery hair portentously reflecting Cairo's sunrays and blinding Lagarde's Egyptian victims.
This latest "Afaq" is now up and running at The Venue, the Beirut Souks' portentously named exhibition space.
Male characters are amusingly decorative--entering the action portentously, only to disappear for long stretches with nary a ripple, reappearing (or not) several chapters later.
Caught up in this evangelical tide, Lincoln himself grew portentously "messianic," Goldfield says.
There is also a good deal of unresolved sexual anguish at work; Benjamin writes portentously about "the prostitute," as in, "The woman is the guardian of the conversations.
Standing there portentously, like a wheeled altar, is a large white metal box on wheels which you'll see again when you pass a black curtain to watch a film called The Middle Way.
There were tools I might need and bangles and necklaces I might wear and basically, the Harappa gallery at the National Museum suddenly opened up the whole Harappa civilisation to me, except that it didn't feel like The Harappa-Saraswati Civilisation as it's so portentously called.
But to return to our story, this being Pakistan, and in this particular case this being Lahore, this report had to be taken not just seriously but portentously, with the IG Police solemnly visiting Justice Sharif and informing him-not hard to imagine his doleful expression-about the dark plot afoot against his august person.
The book ends with a chapter portentously titled "The end of Innovation", which describes the role of economics in collapsing hive and frame diversity to the few standard types that endure today.
THIS THREE- CD pack is rather portentously sub- titled The Greatest Dance Records of All Time, and to be fair, it has some of the biggest electronic dance music hitters of the past few years.