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LAV DIAZ turns the syllabic rigors of haiku into a kind of ars poetica in his latest epic, the portentously titled Norte, the End of History.
It was entitled portentously Presumption: Or The Fate of Frankenstein.
For Soyinka, memory of the 1966 pogrom is portentously daunting in two respects.
W]hile the portentously titled How Music Works seems to be a sprawling hodgepodge--it's digressive and single-minded, candid and opaque, fascinating and dull--nearly everything in it can be seen as a gloss on his transformation.
I don't like politics so much," he recalls his sister saying, perhaps portentously.
Considering the millennia spanning the gap between the mythological Medusa and the current head of the IMF, the aforementioned venomous snakes have been transformed into sleek silvery hair portentously reflecting Cairo's sunrays and blinding Lagarde's Egyptian victims.
This latest "Afaq" is now up and running at The Venue, the Beirut Souks' portentously named exhibition space.
Thus, when Robert Wilmot presented Tancred and Gismund to the gentlemen of the Inner Temple in 1592, he may have portentously invoked Beza and Buchanan in an attempt to reconcile his dramatic enterprises with his religious vocation--he was a beneficed minister--and he may also have insisted that his play should be kept strictly within the sanctum of the Inns, where it would remain safe from the "scurrilous words' and "Tragedian Tyrants" found in the commercial playhouses, but the play he bestowed is littered with episodes of incest and torture, and its climax is a scene in which Gismund gratefully accepts the gift of her lover's heart, and voraciously drinks the blood in which it is soaked.
Then, in the dying seconds as the clock turned red, the gods tugged portentously on their Wales scarves.
Joseph answers portentously et ahai ani mevakesh--I seek my brothers (Gen.
Standing there portentously, like a wheeled altar, is a large white metal box on wheels which you'll see again when you pass a black curtain to watch a film called The Middle Way.