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If you place Ancient Evenings in the grand tradition of the philosophical novel--with all the twists and turns, allegorical characterizations, propounding of ideas, knotty conundrums, bizarre connections and inquiries, portentousness, and varying degrees of obscurity, etc.
Some auds, particularly in Blighty, might find "Helen's" portentousness outright pretentious, but Molloy and Lawlor, who previously made a cycle of nine similarly styled shorts, collectively known as the "Civic Life Series," are to be applauded for taking formal risks here.
127) The portentousness of the moment, crafted by the clock, the white sheets, the false solemnity of the staging, the authority of the lab coats and uniforms, would be undermined or destroyed by signs of suffering.
Ein Wintermahrchen are not merely satirical sketches, but the emancipatory visions of a German poet returning to Germany, the land of dreams, and re-entering his German consciousness: there is a portentousness to Heine's dream scenarios.
Along with this fatuous visual style that stakes everything on the effect of easy contrast is a musical score of unusual portentousness.
As the head of a diversified media concern, he will speak with a great deal of insight and portentousness about the challenge posed by the Thomson/Reuters merger.
It is awkward in its portentousness and garish in its presumptuousness--much like the sweaty fumbling and lurching late at night in the back of a '62 Galaxy that I inflicted on high-school girls in the name of "going steady" to prove my manliness.
High stakes indeed, and "The State Within" honors such portentousness while telling a blisteringly good yarn at the same time.
Any easy slipping into a fantastic medieval time is carefully avoided: the setting of the Potter novels is almost aggressively twentieth-century: Rowling is very precise about dates, and we know that Harry's final year at school--containing, presumably, his greatest adventures--will take place in the year 2000, with the inevitable portentousness this choice implies.
There can be no doubt," Sedlmayr writes with typical portentousness, "that many people really feel that this our age is sick.
This fantasy-fable for children of all ages lacks the epic grandeur and portentousness of Watership Down, to which it will be compared, and is driven by the pace of the action and the richness of the characterization.
Most of the spectacle of the cauldron scenes and the banquet was submerged in a muted portentousness.