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He was a little prone to play the prophet, and to deal in signs and portents, which occasionally excited the merriment of his white comrades.
Well; twice or thrice has she passed before his sight, each time with a heavier step, a paler cheek, and more anxious brow; and in the third week of his non-appearance he detects a portent of evil entering the house, in the guise of an apothecary.
Seeing, then, that such a fearful portent had broken in upon our hecatombs, Calchas forthwith declared to us the oracles of heaven.
Brydon breathed his wonder till the very impunity of his attitude and the very insistence of his eyes produced, as he felt, a sudden stir which showed the next instant as a deeper portent, while the head raised itself, the betrayal of a braver purpose.
And as if he had done all else, he turned to Miss Bartlett, who sat like some portent against the skies of the evening.
And, if his portent proves correct, we come back feeling still more angry against him, and with a vague notion that, somehow or other, he has had something to do with it.
So utterly inexplicable and uncanny had the entire occurrence been that there was not a one of them who could find a ray of comfort penetrating the dead blackness of its ominous portent.
He spoke in French that the cook might not understand the sinister portent of his words.
Valeria," said Benjamin, pointing to the Portent in the chair.
But at this very time two serpents appeared and destroyed Laocoon and one of his two sons, a portent which so alarmed the followers of Aeneas that they withdrew to Ida.
To him, human life had dwarfed to microscopic proportions before this colossal portent of higher life from within the distances of the sidereal universe.
John looked puzzled, not quite understanding the portent of this cryptic saying.