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He was a little prone to play the prophet, and to deal in signs and portents, which occasionally excited the merriment of his white comrades.
And as if he had done all else, he turned to Miss Bartlett, who sat like some portent against the skies of the evening.
And, if his portent proves correct, we come back feeling still more angry against him, and with a vague notion that, somehow or other, he has had something to do with it.
THE portents were not good but, as ever, Anglesey Show dealt with them in its stride.
His dad, head full of lodge business, spent the week buried neck-deep in newspapers, scouring the business pages for portents.
JOE HART'S collapse in form this season, which has resulted in the young keeper being dropped from the Manchester City first team, has some worrying portents.
Each song is molasses-thick, laden with menacing portents and ominous vocal growls.
It is not very pleasant to see kids waiting for their school vans in dark and shivering with cold weather at morning due to this decision, said portents of children.
A PROPERTY expert believes the portents are good for the market in Coventry and Warwickshire after new figures revealed further house price rises in the region.
Because Rosenberg sees all of the region's conflicts as portents of a biblical prophecy.
The artist's Pop-surreal forms present bodies as libidinous portents that only tenuously come together, like textbook illustrations of the mirror stage of infant development.