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Relying on bond mutual funds usually is the most prudent strategy for portfolios under $500,000, but for larger amounts, firms should consider designing a bond portfolio of individual securities that meet the unique financial goals and risk tolerance of each client.
Through portfolio assessment, program faculty gleaned the ways in which teachers intemalized program features of action research, reflection, collaboration, and continuous improvement as teacher self-reported--an authentic assessment of what teachers found meaningful.
But in 1994, RAND Corporation researcher Daniel Koretz, now at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, released a report on portfolio assessment in Vermont that many experts say dampened enthusiasm for this method of grading.
A portfolio is a representative collection of one's work, providing documentation of work in progress, evidence of how work has evolved and how it has been refined.
You've got to have patience - and get in on an IPO, of course,'' said Michael De Coux, whose portfolio doubled its value to finish at $200,838.
The investment process is comprised of four phases: (1) the objectives phase, (2) the asset allocation phase, (3) the manager selection phase and (4) the portfolio evaluation phase.
171--What are the limitations on managing or operating a portfolio company held as a merchant banking investment?
To give a more elaborate definition, diversification may be defined as combining assets which are less than perfectly correlated in order to reduce portfolio risk without sacrificing portfolio returns.
This panel discussion chronicles how using an electronic portfolio to create an "art gallery" encourages literature students to generate writings informed by both literature and art.
THE PAYOFF: Whomever has the largest portfolio on Feb.
In attendance are the chief financial officer, the treasurer, the investment portfolio manager and the controller.