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18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- OpenMarket, a leader in enterprise mobile engagement, and Portio Research, a UK-based market research firm, today announced the launch of a new report titled, " Engaging with Enterprise SMS".
According to Portio Research, consumers in Africa and the Middle East represented 14% of mobile app users in 2012.
The latest comprehensive market study by Portio Research said in the next two years many more consumers worldwide will be engaging in making mobile payments.
Hasidic Jews from the anti-Zionist Satmar movement have helped spirit out Jews from Yemen in recent years, Di Portio said.
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The amount is too huge for a debt-stricken family relying on a single income of Dh4,000, a good portio nof which goes in repaying the loan.
9 trillion SMS messages were sent worldwide, according to Portio Research.
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com has announced the addition of Portio Research Limited's new report "Mobile Applications Futures 2010-2015" to their collection of Smart Phone market reports.
Inside the vagina there is the vaginal wall and the portio (tip of the uterus, or mouth of the uterus).