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In addition to O'Dowd, Romano and Portio, other original cast members returning for Season 2 are Sean Bridgers as Louis, Carolyn Dodd as Emma Daly, Goya Robles as Yago, Megan Stevenson as April Quinn, Lucy Walters as Katie Daly, and Sarah Stiles as Gladys.
In other words, given that a major portio of Dubai's traffic is linked to Sharjah and the northern emirates, infrastructure planning should happen in coordination with the neighbouring emirates, they said.
Tender notice number : Procurement AC extended portio security hold area
Worldwide, consumers sent about 23 billion text messages a day, or 16 million per minute, according to Portio Research.
sed et purgare refectionis portio est: purgare autem proprie dicitur ad libramentum proprium redigere sublato eo quod super eam esset.
M2 PHARMA-December 21, 2016-PAVmed Seeks US FDA Nod for PortIO Intraosseous Infusion System
Non est igitur digna nomine 'hypotheseos astronomicae' vel haec vel illa suppositio, sed id potius, quod utrique communiter inest, dum scilicet assumitur et supponitur carta et dimensa portio circulj, quem planeta decurrit, quae sit in uno circulj Zodiacj semisse.
Dioecesis est Populi Dei portio, quae Episcopo cum cooperatione presbyterii pascenda concreditur" (2).
They arise either from the portio vaginalis presenting as a fibroid polyp or from the supravaginal cervix presenting either as an interstitial, subserous or submucous fibroid.
Adenocarcinoma in situ is typically located at the transformation zone, although it may be present high up in the endocervical canal (between 20 and 30 mm, measured from the maximal convexity of the portio vaginalis).
En una primera parte atendemos a la condicion de la virgen como <<templo de Dios>>--idea procedente de Tertuliano--, a su pertenencia a un grupo considerado como portio gregis de la Iglesia, y a su posicion de honorabilidad con respecto a los demas cristianos.