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So far it has been implied that the portmanteau word is always the sum of two components.
An example of a Portmanteau word is Brunch, from Breakfast and Lunch.
But he warned: 'The word 'family' is now becoming a portmanteau word for many different types of family association - single parents made so by death or divorce, solo parents by choice, multiple families where children may meet several male parents and grow up with several step siblings.
Readers will discover short (mostly) entries on ain't, beg the question, cliche, double negative, Goldwynisms, headlinese, kvetch, limerick, portmanteau word, semicolon, subjunctive, unbeknownst .
So we are looking forward to other pointless portmanteau words (would those be pointmantless words?
From the poem they learned about portmanteau words, the combination of the sound and meaning of two words to create another, and created their own nonsense poems using the blended words.
We invent portmanteau words, like motel for motor hotel and brunch for combined breakfast and lunch.
Who could decipher portmanteau words, especially character names (e.
Within Joyce's writings, the clearest allusions to events such as the Irish War of Independence and the First World War are to be found within the portmanteau words of Finnegans Wake, but this is not to say that those events figure prominently or that Joyce's allusions to them are, in any conventional sense of the word, clear.
Wacky spellings, portmanteau words and inexplicable suffixes like 'ify' or 'sy' (think Spotify and Huntsy) abound in the quest to find an unclaimed URL.
As in Through the Looking Glass this poem contains Carroll's trademark portmanteau words, those with 'two meanings packed into one word'.
Some new words in the dictionary could make many traditionalists cringe in their seats-new portmanteau words purporting to describe a new trend include "staycation" (a combination of stay and vacation, meaning to take a holiday without going abroad) and "glamping" (glamorous camping).