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In the case of portraiture, Freund demonstrates how painters grappled with capturing the likeness not just of subjects but of citizens, creating images which combined a fidelity to individual differences with an aspiration to reveal the universal within the particular.
A portrait must: 1) depict individuality or distinct physical embodiment; 2) convey the expression of inner states, and; 3) show a mutual self-awareness of the portraiture process.
Previously, in the early fifteenth century, the dominant scheme of portraiture was the bust-length figure in pure profile, a type that creates an essentially timeless setting and offers only limited expressive possibilities.
In traditional portraiture pose, gesture, prop, costume, glance provided the raw materials out of which a specific presence was evoked," said Friedlander.
The "Arnold Newman Prize for New Directions in Photographic Portraiture," first announced at last year's PhotoPlus Expo, is completely underwritten by the Arnold and Augusta Newman Foundation with support from Maine Media Workshops, the ASMP, Photo District News and the Farnsworth Art Museum.
In sum, Langdon's story makes an important contribution to the study of female portraiture.
First reempowered as experimental, then discredited in an age of abstraction, and finally rediscovered toward the century's end, portraiture was buffeted by new ways of thinking about art and the individual.
Tony Hauser's portraiture, and over his thirty-year career he has photographed such artists as Tennessee Williams, John Lennon, and Glenn Gould.
Brown had also recently published an essay entitled "A Century of Negro Portraiture in American Literature" (1966).
Under his successor John Hayes, the emphasis shifted towards portraiture as an art form.
a thought-provoking exhibit that considers the variety of ways in which portraiture is presented.