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Maternal Kiss portrays an intimate and tender moment between a mother and child.
In both versions Johnson boldly indicts the United States government for its complicity in mob violence, and portrays the urgent need for anti-lynching legislation by juxtaposing scenes of unending political wrangling in Washington DC with events surrounding a brutal lynching in Mississippi.
79) The Lichtenthal work corresponds closely enough to the imagery of the Flines altarpiece - not so much in composition but in the number and characteristics of the figures discussed above - that the two works must portray the same theme, and in the Lichtenthal painting the enigmatic figures are identified in banderoles.
On the other hand, even with the wave-like oscillations Chowning portrays in the region's economic fortunes, it is difficult to accept completely the revisionist slant of her findings, or fully to give up the conventional wisdom that the period in Mexico between 1820 and about 1880 was primarily one of contraction (or "decompression," as another scholar of modern Mexico has called it) interspersed with brief reversals, rather than one embracing such distinct cycles.
Jennifer's Body' actress Amanda Seyfried has replaced Kate Hudson to portray Lovelace in the project, opposite Peter Sarsgaard who will portray the role of the porn star's husband Chuck Traynor, Contactmusic reported.
Although this film would most likely not be labeled a "gay movie," it may actually portray gay teens in a far more flattering light than a typical gay film.
Regardless of your chosen tour guides, winter tours should include a brief video that lovingly portrays camp the way it is meant to be seen: in session.
In central and eastern Europe, figurines feature hats that portray a style of weaving using coils of fiber, the researchers contend.
Titian did not use the common topoi of drinking and embracing, and he did not portray the theme with overtly erotic or scabrous elements.
The illustrations strive to communicate rather than portray.
After the other schoolchildren portray the usual heroes of the black community (including some white kids acting the roles of black heroes), Nicholas hits the stage as Buckwheat, bad grammar, bad hair, tragic fashion sense, and all.
New York, September 3 (ANI): Former Olympic champion Joe Frazier may not be sure who should portray him a film on his life, but he does have some recommendation for the role of his uncle and mentor, Rock.