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This is what I explore in my book, charting how views of Christians and the clergy have changed over the years, moving from caricatures like Father Ted to more realistic portrayals like Adam Smallbone in Rev.
Subsequently, the researchers suggested that parents, policy makers, and physicians should be aware that this type of content should be balanced by more frequent and positive portrayals of healthy foods and behaviours.
A later chapter by Harry Keyishian on Roosevelt examines several film portrayals of the New Deal president.
With an almost David Lynch-like eye for eccentricity and menace, his portrayal of seemingly mundane Americana is sharply controlled and meticulously worked out.
theaters on Friday, earned critical plaudits for its portrayal of rural life in Iran and striking cinematography depicting the country's natural beauty.
I wanted to develop a course devoted strictly to gender portrayals in Disney and Fairytale movies for copious reasons.
GAYLE RITCHIE looks at other famous film portrayals of rock heroes.
Pulitzer Prize-winning feature writer Jim Sheeler presents Obit: Inspiring Stories of Ordinary People who Led Extraordinary Lives, an anthology of brief yet heartwarming portrayals of men and women who led energetic, compassionate, sometimes humorous, always shining lives.
Salter's portrayals include Nia's mother -- a woman who redefines the concept of tough love -- and Darnel's mom, who offers to buy Nia off.
In fact, a pronounced buzzing sound accompanies one of Beloved's most disturbing portrayals in the film.
Teachers and staff members at my school, upon hearing about my classroom portrayals from their peers, encouraged each other to see my "performance" at their earliest opportunity.