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In this book she explores the portrayal of women religious in film and how their desires (or lack thereof) are shown through their actions, words, and the language of cinema.
Her edgy portrayal was felt to be 'right' for today's gutsily 'survival' scenario for some young-adult Filipinos.
An example of a portrayal of a friendly helper robot might include C3PO from "Star Wars," while the robot from 'Terminator" may be an example of a threatening one.
a book examining the portrayal of Christians and the clergy in the media.
Washington, July 4 ( ANI ): A new study has revealed that positive portrayal of unhealthy food habits by TV characters lead to set bad example for kids in real life.
Therefore, researchers should extend research on gender role stereotyping amongst both the gender by assessing the impact of such portrayals on marketing effectiveness of the messages with respect to their emotional and behavioral responses to advertisements.
A later chapter by Harry Keyishian on Roosevelt examines several film portrayals of the New Deal president.
With an almost David Lynch-like eye for eccentricity and menace, his portrayal of seemingly mundane Americana is sharply controlled and meticulously worked out.
The film, released in American theaters on Friday, earned critical plaudits for its portrayal of rural life in Iran and striking cinematography depicting the country's natural beauty.
Specifically, Chapter 1 "Mass Communication in Society: Swimming in the Media Sea," Chapter 2 "Research and Theory in Mass Communication: How We Study Media Scientifically," and Chapter 3 "Media Portrayals of Groups: Distorted Social Mirrors" were of interest.
Foxx's stunning portrayal of the blind star in the 2004 film, Ray, won him a best actor Oscar.
That portrayal is in sharp contrast to Abigail's young servant, who is happily solo and therefore exploitable by no man.