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Add to this the production problem of one-half of a supercouple's portrayers deciding to leave the show to pursue other opportunities and soap creators were left with dilemmas as to how to tell these characters' stories.
Though Simpson does not offer her readers a criticism that questions Woolf's reign as miglior fabbra, her attention to Woolf's innovative role as a portrayer and theorist of gift economies is a significant complement to the surfeit of current works striving to paint the wider picture of Modernism's economic engagements.
11) This same admirer of Buchner and Heine, two writers with revolutionary reputations, was also a devotee of Gustav Freytag, a writer (in)famous in German literary history as the conservative portrayer and defender of German bourgeois values.
But thanks to the series' built-in time-travel factor, it's also the introduction of the hero of the first "Terminator," Kyle Reese, and of a certain T-800 cyborg whose original portrayer has since found other work.
Scholars have pointed out that The Luck of Barry Lyndon reflects Thackeray's virtuosity both as a social portrayer and as a novelist (Allingham, 2002; Colby, 1966).
This substantial exchange of letters between the prolific portrayer of the Flemish countryside, Stijn Streuvels, and his urbane friend Emmanuel de Born is only part of an extraordinary correspondence that stretches from the end of the nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth.
Harry portrayer Daniel Radcliffe launched his grown-up acting career by performing naked on stage in "Equus," inspiring an infinite number of obvious puns about wands and such.
Perceived as a whole, the sonnet's imagery of nature reveals that Luis de Gongora, a bard renowned for his expert use of language, was also an adept portrayer and critic of the events of his day.
In the catalog for the Exhibition of Contemporary Scandinavian Art (1912), he wrote: "Munch is first and foremost the portrayer of the northern summer night.
Michael Keaton--by the portrayer of "Vampira" against the
At a recent ceremony commemorating the 200" anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, the portrayer of Lord Nelson was refused access to his flagship as he was not wearing a lifejacket.
portrayer Larry Hagman has appeared in Romania frequently as a Stetson-wearing pitchman for the Russian petroleum company Lukoil ("The Choice of a True Texan").