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Yet Willis is a pussycat compared to that perennial portrayer of hoods, mad taxi-drivers and made-men, Robert de Niro.
Not usually thought of as a sympathetic portrayer of women, Black succeeds in Love and Rage at engaging with a woman character, superbly played by Greta Scacchi.
She spoke of having read Diana: Her True Story and felt Andrew would be a sympathetic portrayer of a woman caught up in problems with powerful people.
His publisher Michael O'Mara said: "Monica spoke of having read Diana: Her True Story and felt Andrew would be a sympathetic portrayer of a woman caught up with such powerful people.
She shows how Constable moved from thinking about his "natural" paintings of "native scenes," expressive of his private "feelings" about "home," to a more public stance as portrayer of his "own dear England.
Analyzing the stories "Perica je nesrecan," "Zemlja," "Iskusenje," "Sarina Lenka," and "Cubura - Kalemegdan," Goy refuses to accept the traditional view of Petrovic as only a social-realist character writer and a portrayer of the Vojvodina.
Since then, Chaykin has been blazing a trail across stage and screen as portrayer of eccentric and melancholic loners.
From the word "go," the one-man Mercury program--two suborbital and four orbital flights between May 1961 and May 1963--through the flight phase of Apollo between December 1968 and December 1972, NASA became more and more glitz-oriented as television grew to be the dominant portrayer of the agency's message.
Riis, "Ejnar Fugmann, the Architect, as a Portrayer of the Syrian Town Hama in the Islamic Period.
Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts Philadelphia, PA Special Note: Prominent during the Lincoln-Douglas debates on Friday morning, Lincoln portrayer Richard "Fritz" Klein will attend in character as Abraham Lincoln.
Gwyn Roberts' latest exhibition may include views of places as diverse as Cornwall and Norway, but the dramatic beauty of Wales remains his favourite subject, as Jenny White discovers DURING the past few years Gwyn Roberts has established himself within and beyond Wales as a powerful portrayer of Wales' dramatic mountains and coastline.
As you're aware, the nation has been mourning the passing of the great Roger Lloyd-Pack, portrayer of one of the finest comic characters in television lore - Trigger in 'Fools and horses'.