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Over the past 12 months POSABLE Ltd has grown its client portfolio to cover more than 200 clients - ranging from small and medium-sized businesses in the Huddersfield area to ones as far afield as Aberdeen and Plymouth.
The playset comes with a posable Holly Hobble & Friends figure, two flavored dry mix packets, and, as we mentioned, lots of fun accessories.
Which toy-crazy Levant and Marvel Comics addict Columbus had a blast designing, both for the movie and for Tiger Toys' fully posable, 13-1/2-inch plastic tie-in, which comes complete with rocket pack, Turbo-disc launcher, Turbo-rang and electric lights and sound.
Also, the X Games moto assortment will launch in January, featuring a posable, fully-articulated rider, bike and stand to reenact every trick in the book, retailing for $9.
This posable plush robot collection ranges in size from 6 to 12 inches, with plush key chain accessories measuring 3 inches.
Wirral hospital staff are trained not to use alcohol gel in c-diff cases as only soap and water works, and to wear dis posable clothing when dealing with patients.
The posable 17" gal pals are hip with trendy fashions that reveal a style all their own.
And the 30-inch posable spider is the perfect touch to any Halloween display.
Spin Master's Tini Puppini plush and posable fashionable pups are this year's biggest hit with girls.
Illustrated with rich color photographs of soft and fully posable dolls in action, the books have charming, yet suspenseful plotlines, complete with full character development, realistic dilemmas faced by real girls every day, story climaxes, and instructive, edifying resolutions highlighting the value of teamwork, friendship and social ethics.