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Bush, the greatest American hero, dolled up in naval aviator regalia--a fully posable 12" action figure in "g-pants.
We have come to expect," says Polkinghorne, "that scientifically posable questions will receive scientifically stateable answers, however difficult those answers may sometimes be to fred.
Percent change in projected values for 2010 resulting from a 10-percent increase in selected exogenous variables (1) Dis- posable GDP, income, House- Unem- Exogenous variables chained chained hold ploy- Housing 1996 1996 employ- ment starts dollars dollars ment rate Energy related (changed 10 percent): Domestic share of U.
Toutefois, cette problematique est transposable posable a la localisation de centres de transbordement intermodaux, c'est-a-dire au sein d'un systeme compose d'au moins deux reseaux de transport differents, constituant ainsi une generalisation de la problematique de localisation des centres de transbordement.
When it became just that, another soldier complained to his father that `when I enlisted I came to defend the flag and to keep the union as it was but they have turned this war into a nigger war and I want to get out now as soon as posable [sic].
Using a three-dimensional navigable environment on the Web called ActiveWorld, they used computer-animated "avatars," which are basically posable cartoon characters, to perform a three-character play called You Must Pay the Rent.
95) is a posable hemp teddy bear stuffed with 100 percent recycled material.
The conventional wisdom out there is that the 50-plus crowd has more dis- posable income than any other group out there," said Tom Otwell, a spokesman for the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), who backed up his statement with information from The Conference Board and U.
Decked out in the latest leisure wear, which is painted directly onto their posable bodies, they writhe around on crash mats, their squishy torsos and feet emblazoned with logos from Nike, Reebok, and Adidas (this last is kind of a retro look, Adidas being Old School gear); the overall effect is not unlike a frozen moment from an exceptionally large game of Twister.