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Clustering was based on the following variables: ability in problem posing, efficacy in problem posing and complexity of the problems posed.
Students also posed new problems by changing the numerical information and retaining the same operations and their order:
To begin, we posed broad questions such as "Do you remember the term 'media'?
1987) at 1419, note 16, noting that "[t]here might be numerous situations that would justify a police officer's belief that a suspect was armed and that he posed an immediate threat to the officer, even though the suspect was not in fact armed.
The study estimated the presence of and health risks posed by 32 air toxics, including benzene, chromium, formaldehyde, arsenic, acetaldehyde, acrylonitrile, acrolein, and cadmium.
If men are this confused and unsure of themselves, one might ask, then why has women's struggle for equality been so difficult, why has patriarchy been so resilient, and why have so few men posed feminist alternatives to the Self-Made Man ideal?
As more research is conducted in this field, we're finding more efficient ways to assist our residents and to keep them safe from the dangers posed by phenomena such as sick building syndrome.
If the IRS believes (1) there is an inherent difference between the health hazards posed by environmental contamination and other hazardous conditions and (2) that difference per se requires capitalization when the source of environmental contamination is eliminated from a site, the burden should be on the IRS to justify that position from a tax policy perspective.
In her latest display, she donned a stunning gold strapless dress and posed with a group of sailors before a party on rap idol P Diddy's yacht.
New York, April 13 (ANI): Israeli model Bar Refaeli was pictured in a variety of swimsuits as she posed for a photo shoot for a magazine with tanned and toned men of the MTV reality TV show 'Jersey Shore'.