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The 'Umbrella' hitmaker has posed in everything from a cute and girly yellow crop top and denim cut-off hotpants to a camouflage print bra with Chanel braces and topless using just pictures of herself to cover her chest.
And Kristen Stewart and On the Road co-star Kirsten Dunst were all smiles when they posed for the Press.
Silver and Cai (1996) argue that only a few researchers have examined the mathematics problems posed by children and research has tended to rely on small numbers of subjects and to provide a rather superficial analysis of the posed problems.
I had to kind of rehearse how she posed and how she moved, and then I had to sort of let it go to have some freedom in it.
Several students posed problems for which they admitted that they "remembered from the book" or that they "didn't create because they read it somewhere"; for example:
In her talk on the moral challenges posed by brain enhancement and brain imaging, University of Pennsylvania neuroscientist Martha J.
Murray and his colleagues have tallied the threats posed by each of the nation's volcanoes.
Following the story, we posed broad questions to the class, comparing and contrasting Munsch's characters with those portrayed in traditional fairytales.
The questions our forebears have traditionally posed to adjudge the justifiability of employing force remain salient today; however, in the final analysis, they lack the intellectual vitality to guide and constrain the sort of arrogant militarism that now looms before the nation.
Posed against a stained curtain, a slim young sailor-prince wearing high-waisted bell-bottoms, a cap printed with the Kodak logo, and extra-large sunglasses gazes off into an imaginary distance.
Unlike last year, when most models kept their clothes on, the blonde 29-year-old posed naked for the 2003 edition.
there is absolutely no evidence indicating that [the arrestee] posed any threat to the arresting officer or to anyone else.