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Personally, I would be quite happy to have a few more overpaid posers up at the City if they were winning more games.
Have fun being faggots and having your sport full of nothing but sellouts, posers, and pussies.
Chelsea tractors, they call them, and the drivers of these monsters are derided as empty-headed posers.
No imagination needed for Alicia Silverstone, who is one of the paparazzi's favorite posers.
It is no more than a peep show for the prurient, with Trisha acting uncomprehending, her jaw agape, at the antics of the degenerate posers on the show.
Today, JULIA HUNT sorts out the players from the posers.
So he took the mic and said 'You're all a bunch of f***g posers if you ask me'.
In comparison to the photographs taken earlier in the century by European photographers whose subjects seem uncomfortably aware that they are objects on display, the posers in Sidibe and Keita's works seem to say, "I am.
On the street, in the gym, at the office or at home, POSERS catalogues the poses that personally work for them and why.
Round 2: General knowledge, 10 posers, eight showbiz related.
I am writing because at my school there is an assload of posers.