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Commenting on the findings, Hitesh Mittal, ITG's head of liquidity management, said, "This research quantifies the value for buy side institutions in accessing POSIT Alert liquidity, either directly or through our algorithms.
Stepwise multiple regression analysis was performed in order to ascertain the relative contribution of each of the POSIT subscales to maternal depression.
POSIT Marketplace's introduction to Australia is timely given the prospect of increasing fragmentation, the introduction of new order types and fast-changing market dynamics as seen in the proposed merger of the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and ASX.
Therefore, I posit that a "truth" lies somewhere between that which is observed and the perceptions, or judgments, of the observer.
Rather, he posits that increased international ties shaped Italian immigrants' racial identity before they Americanized.
In Idols of the Marketplace David Hawkes posits that the century in question bore witness to the overlapping of two conflicting modes of thought: Aristotelian/ Thomistic teleology and Baconian empericism; the authors purpose is to explore the "death throes of 'natural teleology' as they are reflected in a variety of sixteenth--and seventeenth-century texts" (28).
The subadar in "Ad Astra" is only one of many characters Faulkner used early in his career to posit his racial contexts.
They posit the necessity of including all members of the academic community in this pursuit and proceed to take steps purportedly aimed at making these social and educational opportunities available to all.