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He notes that in Nietzsche's analysis of power, "values are the conditions of (value) itself posited by the will to power.
2003) investigated prevalence rates for adolescent athletes and concurred with previous studies that posited the underestimation of incidents in the male athletic population.
Looking to explain social problems inherent to the realm, writers posited instead that the threat was "outside" thus mystifying the relations of power.
This interpretation adds a rather more sophisticated psychological dynamic to the basic scapegoating mechanism posited by MacFarlane and Thomas a generation ago.
In the previous book he coauthored, Rare Earth, Ward, a NASA astrobiologist, posited that alien life won't manifest itself in the form of intelligent or humanlike creatures but will probably be simple.
A cross, an altar, and a crossbeam in purple, the color of the Passion, all remind us of Christianity, but what is being posited here goes beyond religiosity to the now utopian idea of a noncommercial public, one made up of more than just consumers.
He posited that there was a true and superior species of "tolerance which enlarged the range and content of freedom.