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43) By calling attention to the seeming oppositions between Descartes's ontological and epistemological resolutions and at the same time pointing to similar oppositions in the perspective theory of Descartes's contemporaries, Baltrusaitis suggests, in effect, that the now-conventionally posited relation between perspective and the Cartesian "space of thought" requires careful reexamination.
Second, it is very difficult to identify exactly who, or what part of the French people actually shared in the collective view posited by the "family romance" model.
Having already posited the way his characters were to be read, Faulkner freed himself to move the scheme of color to the background - still present, still the catalyst, but a shadow - and thus seem to write about other, larger issues of the American South.
In 1917, Einstein posited a version of this energy, which he called the cosmological constant.