position of influence

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In an era when we associate the lives of sportspeople with selfish excess and the accumulation of nothing more than large dollops of cash, it is refreshing to hear someone like Roberts use his position of influence to make thoughtful and socially concerned comments.
She also talks about the depression she has suffered from for the last decade and how she feels about her position of influence as the 'face' of Britons on benefits.
MOTORSPORT boss Bernie Ecclestone made a "corrupt bargain" in a bid to stay in a position of influence in Formula One racing, a lawyer has told a High Court judge.
The message is that if we find ourselves in a position of influence or power, we should use it for the good of others and not simply to benefit ourselves.
Laura Bell, 21, a medical student from Newcastle, said: "When someone has a position of influence, it's important to be a good role model.
Meanwhile, the act of clicking "accept friend" is seen to convey a position of influence.
It's about time someone in a position of influence had the bottle to say what everybody else in this benighted country is already well aware of - multiculturalism is a failed, divisive and confrontational doctrine.
A source close to the star told ViP: "Kylie knows she is in a position of influence and wants to use that positively by writing this diary.
Wal-Mart introduced a code of ethical conduct for its 10,500 employees earlier this year which prohibits them from dating or falling in love with a colleague in a position of influence, and from "exchanging lustful glances".
I'm not asking Thrasher to become a bastion for correctness, but you are in a position of influence.
THERE is one thing about women in a position of influence and that is, when they speak people tend to listen.
The human resource profession has seen itself mature over the last few decades, to become a position of influence in the public and private sectors.

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