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But Mr Barnier said he could not understand the "uproar" in London over the position paper.
When these position papers were published, we note that the program was actually already on going because it was officially launched prior to the publication of those recommendations,' Weiler said.
EdcelLagmanfiled two position papers on the right to counsel and cross-examine the witnesses in the impeachment proceedings.
The position paper urges the use of ATD programs for nurses and nursing students with substance use disorders, "with the stated goals of retention, rehabilitation, and re-entry into safe, professional practice.
It has also approved position paper of Peshawar light engineering centre of worth Rs 265 million.
Rosbin Martin, leader of Alliance for Buguey Committed for Development Association (ALBUCODA) in Cagayan, expressed the peoples organization's full support in the ATM position paper submitted to DENR.
The Position Paper states that the essence of the subject-matter of the arbitration is the territorial sovereignty over several maritime features in the South China Sea which is beyond the scope of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and the jurisdiction of the Arbitral Tribunal.
Therefore if systemic conditions permit, the position paper suggests that the start of antiresorptive therapy should be delayed until the patient's dental health is optimized.
Since then the BCB has come around to support the proposals, apparently after it was given an assurance that its Test status would not be snatched away, because the leaked original draft position paper had suggested a two- tier Test cricket and Bangladesh was slotted in the bottom tier.
Future generations of South Carolinians and Georgians will not be well served by having the Savannah River Site become an interim storage site for commercial nuclear waste, and for what will be an undetermined length of time," the position paper says.
The Academy's position paper highlighted that nutrition is an integral component of oral health.
The methodology described in the position paper may be used by industry to obtain efficacy data during the development of new antifouling coatings.