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In addition to changing the name of the condition, the MRONJ position paper provides guidance to:
EDEK leader Yiannakis Omirou said that during the ad-hoc meeting with the leaders of the main political parties last Sunday -- the day before the start of the intensive talks -- Christofias had assured them that "not only would he reject the Turkish Cypriot side's (most recent) document, he would refuse to have any discussion on it -- in effect deny that the position paper exists.
Second, the preamble to the body of the NPP should identify the number of contacts, and the times of those contacts, that the position paper is based upon (e.
There were several position papers which explained the Catholic position very well.
Just prior to the February election the Tribune, citing the position papers that its reporters found so dull, also endorsed Edwin.
Investment firm's latest position paper identifies six reasons why stocks are likely to remain rewarding over time
It is important to note that the position papers are not assessments of additional taxes.
In contrast to coordinated issues, significant issues are those currently being developed but not yet approved by the IRS national office or CEP industry specialists and not yet documented in publicly available position papers.
Finally, I should note the Institute's amicus brief in the Colgate case (on worldwide combined reporting) and the two Canadian position papers that round out the issue.
These position papers have been distributed to members of the Administration and to Congress, and the key recommendations were published in the February 1993 Briefing.
Department of Homeland Security nears formalization, the Homeland Security Industries Association (HSIA) today released eight position papers that include HSIA member generated guidelines for efficient execution of key homeland security segment priorities.