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Joint position sense of the ankle was measured using a computerized isokinetic dynamometer (Cybex NORM[TM], CSMI, USA) at a 0.
The active and passive reproduction error scores for the ankle joint position sense for 10[degrees] and 20[degrees] of ankle inversion and 15[degrees] and 30[degrees] of ankle plantarflexion and the scores for the threshold to detect passive motion, either to inversion or plantarflexion, are presented in Table 2.
A recent study examining the effects of local and general fatigue on knee joint position sense found that localized fatigue to the thigh musculature via an isokinetic protocol did not effect angular error during joint reposition sense testing (Miura et al.
Signals that the brain receives from muscles and joints play an important role in position sense, but the brain also needs a model of the shape and size of each body part.
Vibration was perceived briefly at the toes, position sense was intact, and gait became nearly normal.
For example, in the discussion of a position sense of a digit, the term proprioception is omitted, yet allodynia, pain from a nonpainful stimulus, is used during the somatosensory examination and immediately defined.
In his 1997 paper, Nauta noted that Rackley suffered no loss of touch or position sense after her surgery, and he finds the same to be true for his subsequent patients.
SIT teaches the child how to use sensory input from other sources, such as proprioceptive (the receptors in the muscles and joints, also important for position sense and balance) and tactile (touch).
Using a passive reproduction test, we assessed ankle joint position sense (JPS) for test positions between 30 and -10 degrees plantarflexion with an inclement of 10 degrees with or without 20[degrees] inversion at each plantarflexion angle.
To establish a clearer perspective of the role of impaired proprioception in mediating ankle instability, literature was sourced from publications documented in the CINAHL, EMBASE, PubMED, Science Citation Index, and SportsDiscus databases over the time periods 1966-2002 using the keywords; ankle sprain injury, ankle joint, proprioception, joint position sense, functional instability.

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