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The Totem headset addresses positional tracking without the need for an external device, providing the most seamless user experience in a virtual reality environment.
In positional vertigo, tiny calcium particles in your inner ear become dislodged and enter the semicircular canals, which upsets the delicate sensory organs in the canals and causes vertigo.
Positional sequencing technology, one of the most recent innovations in 4G NGS, delivers accurate position measurements between predictable DNA landmarks.
Visual inspection shows good dot quality with good positional accuracy, even with dots close to 300pm in diameter, with no satellite formation.
Due to noise present in acquired 6DOF data (both in their positional and rotational parts) the alignment of two datasets is not perfect.
WORKING HARD: But Andy Carroll needs to work on his positional sense
In fact, positional leaders often see subordinates as annoyances, as interchangeable cogs in the organizational machine or even as troublesome obstacles to their goal of getting a promotion to their next position.
Forensic pathologist Jack Crane said a "critical" event had happened in the van which caused Mr Powell to die of positional asphyxia - a condition which occurs when someone's position prevents them from breathing adequately.
He gains a positional advantage with better development while his opponent has problems finding the correct squares for his pieces.
The book is comprises of 12 chapters with the first seven devoted to the positional release philosophy, techniques and treatment of conditions such and fibromyalgia syndrome and the use of trigger points.

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