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Complete report on Positioner Industry of 150 pages is available at http://www.
cm) is simply too much for normal positioners and accuracy can be compromised.
Small scale robotic arc welding cells typically include a small size robot and a positioner having 2 workstations (***, 2009).
However, the positioners used to manipulate the weldments were still functional and capable of supporting and handling the weight and movement of the welded parts.
When you try the straight on approach, you'll cross thread the rod in the positioner.
The electrode positioner is unique to Advanced Bionics and was introduced in 1999.
The analogue control helps the positioner achieve outstanding positioning accuracy which allows the microprocessor to concentrate on other tasks.
In these situations the positioner is used to precisely position the valve by filling the actuator with the corresponding amount of air, or by venting from the actuator.
This positioner is one of the latest innovative technologies from Flowserve that can help improve facilities' profitability.
Additionally, the cell includes one fume exhauster system above each positioner, in order to evacuate the gas resulted from welding operations.
Using a lineal positioner with the company's pre-existing 200 Series cut-off saw, the PF200 can push feed wood, plastics or aluminum and cut them to determined lengths, the company says.