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OKI's eSound Positioning assigns a virtual location to each individual thus enabling users to hear each other each speaking from his or her unique direction, just as in a real conversation.
The positioning is based on two factors: the flow of the game and the formation of the team.
KEE's technology in agriculture," he said, meshed with TPS positioning technology and "our company's history in this important market segment, will allow the development of the most advanced and complete product portfolio for this emerging precision Ag and prescription farming techniques.
Ray O'Connor, president and CEO of Topcon Positioning, said Mudrick's promotion is "well deserved and confirms what a great team Topcon has built in the United States.
MammoPad's ability, as confirmed by numerous published studies, to significantly reduce discomfort related to the breast positioning procedure.
This report is suitable for anyone desiring more illustrations and description of GSM positioning architectures and functions as well as those tasked with understanding and/or teaching GSM positioning.
This publication provides the reader with an excellent understanding of mobile positioning function and inter-workings for all commercially deployed location determination technologies.
The market for location-based services has begun to emerge but has been hampered to date by the limitations of traditional positioning systems.
Terralites broadcast a new positioning signal, called "XPS," throughout the mine to a new category of tri-frequency mobile receivers.
a leading provider of premier industrial solutions for precision positioning, intelligent control systems and positioning infrastructures, announced the appointment of Ted Theocheung as Vice President of Marketing and Charlie Armiger as Vice President of Sales.
The RotoProne(R) Therapy System fully automates the proning process while at the same time combining the benefits of both prone positioning and Kinetic Therapy(TM).