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Others had secured minor government positions, and still another large class was there in the hope of securing Federal positions.
He explained his position in the matter by saying that he was prepared to teach that the earth was either flat or round, according to the preference of a majority of his patrons.
The suitor's family was respectable; his position in life was undeniably satisfactory; his attachment, though hasty, was evidently disinterested and sincere.
Here is a woman who has grown old in your service, and in your father's service before you; a woman who has contrived, in all sorts of small, underhand ways, to presume systematically on her position for years and years past; a woman, in short, whom your inconsiderate but perfectly natural kindness has allowed to claim a right of property in you -- "
Quantities consist either of parts which bear a relative position each to each, or of parts which do not.
I have only to find the best way out of the difficult position in which she has placed me.
And he began passing in review the methods of proceeding of men who had been in the same position that he was in.
Mystery in the position of a lodger carries with it--what shall I say?
I am in a position to tell you, madam, what your mother-in-law's name really is.
I had accepted the position as part of my calling in life; I had trained myself to leave all the sympathies natural to my age in my employer's outer hall, as coolly as I left my umbrella there before I went upstairs.
All memory of the past, all thought of the future, all sense of the falseness and hopelessness of my own position, lay hushed within me into deceitful rest.
Coulson, but if I were in your position, and knew that a friendly country was feeling a little bit sore at having two of her citizens disposed of so unceremoniously, I'd do my best to prove, by the only possible means, that I was taking the matter seriously.