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Positive Action for MSM and Transgender launched in March 2015 to support interventions that will empower MSM and transgender communities who face significant stigma, discrimination and inadequate access to appropriate HIV care.
Positive Action (2008) was chosen as the intervention because it was being piloted by the school district as a possible PK--12 Tier 1 character education program.
By way of example, if a primary school has no male teachers the governing body of the school could use positive action to appoint a male candidate who is of equal merit (with the same qualifications, skill and experience) to a female candidate in order to increase the representation of men within the staff group.
There is positive action case law in place which breaks down white to the level of white Irish, Scottish and Welsh.
The meeting included discussions about the 50+ Positive Action Partnership and is aimed at ensuring the health and independence of the over-50s living in Caerphilly.
There is a lawsuit there, so there is just a different process," Hildebran said of the Boyd County case, adding, however, that positive action in other parts of Kentucky doesn't hurt.
It is time the Government got to grips with the situation and took some positive action to sort it out once and for all.
I think he's a token in the Republican Party," says Earl Ofari Hutchinson, author, political commentator, and president of the Inglewood, California-based National Alliance for Positive Action.
We believe this will be an issue that will inform you and move you toward positive action.
The organization will use the study's findings as a basis for the campaign, which is designed to "inspire, fund, and mobilize young people to take positive action in their communities.
He later recalled the questions in his mind as he considered what to say: "How could I make a speech that would be militant enough to keep my people aroused to positive action and yet moderate enough to keep this fervor within controllable and Christian bounds?
Brian has an amazing talent of bringing to every task a unique charisma and the ability to lead people to take positive action.

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