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Waite and Osborne (1972) used a two-component mult schedule with typically developing children to assess positive contrast in one group of participants and negative contrast in a second group.
Increased blood supply to the bowel wall can't be distinguished from a positive contrast agent, as both appear white on a scan.
If intussusception is in the differential considerations, then the enema should be performed with appropriate technique for an anticipated reduction, whether with air or with positive contrast.
HyCoSy, performed transvaginally without the need for anesthesia, assesses tubal patency using negative and positive contrast.
Rudi Bixtorf, fund manager for Coutts Bank Switzerland, said: "Overall it is a solid performance and a positive contrast to Unilever.
The Swiss have modified lighting techniques to provide vertical illuminance, which allows pedestrians in crosswalks to be seen in positive contrast.
O'Dowd supporters proved a pretty positive contrast to their anti-whatever agendas," said the director.
To say this firmly is not to indulge in political correctness, but to give expression to the liberal values that represent the best of Wales and Britain and which mark a positive contrast to the repressive regimes of past centuries.
One advantage to this hodgepodge of diversity is that several of the articles, particularly those with economics as a sub-theme, stand out in positive contrast.
The black object has a negative contrast of 37% against the background of sand and seawater, and the gray object has a positive contrast of 35%.
The percentage of monolingual Spanish-speaking patients doubled, length of time in therapy increased, and "therapists have openly commented on the surprising and positive contrast between working with trained versus untrained interpreters" (p.