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In Finkelstein and Poterba (2004), we applied the positive correlation test in the U.
Significant positive correlations between radial and tangential shrinkages and BD were found.
We say that a positive correlation exists when an increase in the value of x results in an increase in the value of y.
Nonetheless, the battery of papers which the author cites as demonstrating a positive correlation between caries and CLP reminds us of a need for intense preventive and treatment input from all dentists treating these children.
The analysis reportedly finds a positive correlation between revenue to the airport and the level of protection the airport has taken against these workforce stresses.
Paternal depression also showed a moderate positive correlation with maternal depression.
The researchers point out that relationships between T4 or T3 and BMD were not independent of TSH or each other but were consistent with the positive correlation between T4 and T3 and their inverse relationship with TSH.
We note that the market may not fully discount ambitious long-term production growth, given the expected 40% increase in steelmaking capacities by 2013, while the lack of integration in coking coal should be offset by the positive correlation between steel and coking coal prices and the strong possibility that the company will develop a coking coal greenfield in Russia.
However, age had a significant positive correlation (r = .