positive fact

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Next day Betsy herself came to him in the morning, and announced that she had heard through Oblonsky as a positive fact that Alexey Alexandrovitch had agreed to a divorce, and that therefore Vronsky could see Anna.
"If you think there's enough in this chain of circumstances put together-- in the undoubted strong likeness of this young lady to your ladyship, which is a positive fact for a jury; in her having been brought up by Miss Barbary; in Miss Barbary stating Miss Summerson's real name to be Hawdon; in your ladyship's knowing both these names VERY WELL; and in Hawdon's dying as he did--to give your ladyship a family interest in going further into the case, I will bring these papers here.
"I have been unconscious as I walked, it's a positive fact," said Razumov to himself in wonder.
Playmore answered, "muddled up together, as you may say--but positive facts for all that.
Philip Fairlie; secondly, to prove by positive facts, that the funeral which they had attended in Limmeridge churchyard was the funeral of another woman; thirdly, to give them a plain account of how it had all happened.
In addition, he highlighted as a positive fact that, in electoral times, "no presidential candidate is willing to back down in commercial matters on what has already been done by the Foreign Ministry in these years."
"The results of the recent meetings at the level of the heads of state of Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as the foreign ministers of the two countries showed the parties' readiness to continue the political dialogue towards resolving the conflict, and this is a positive fact, which is welcomed by the German government.
Another positive fact - our main market is the EU member states, which means that our production is of good quality after it is realized in the most competitive market", Alexander Manolev explained.
She referred to the positive fact that all three members of the BiH Presidency had their first official visit to Brussels since taking office, where they managed to coordinate with the EU officials further efforts towards strengthening the European path of BiH.
However, in one of the dissenting rulings, which would have allowed the appeals by the two men, Lord Kerr said there would be many people charged with criminal offences who are "truly innocent" but "unable to establish their innocence as a positive fact".
This is a positive fact for the local economy of Limassol and Cyprus, extendedly.
Acknowledging that the PTI government will inherit an economy in crisis, with debts rising and foreign reserves shrinking, they said a positive fact is that the economy is growing, with the gross domestic product forecast to rise nearly six per cent this year.

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