positive fact

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Next day Betsy herself came to him in the morning, and announced that she had heard through Oblonsky as a positive fact that Alexey Alexandrovitch had agreed to a divorce, and that therefore Vronsky could see Anna.
If you think there's enough in this chain of circumstances put together-- in the undoubted strong likeness of this young lady to your ladyship, which is a positive fact for a jury; in her having been brought up by Miss Barbary; in Miss Barbary stating Miss Summerson's real name to be Hawdon; in your ladyship's knowing both these names VERY WELL; and in Hawdon's dying as he did--to give your ladyship a family interest in going further into the case, I will bring these papers here.
I have been unconscious as I walked, it's a positive fact," said Razumov to himself in wonder.
Playmore answered, "muddled up together, as you may say--but positive facts for all that.
Philip Fairlie; secondly, to prove by positive facts, that the funeral which they had attended in Limmeridge churchyard was the funeral of another woman; thirdly, to give them a plain account of how it had all happened.
An increase in the number of female CEOs is just around the corner, another positive fact ignored.
Their effectiveness may be doubted, but the definitely positive fact is that it became possible to return Armenia to the negotiating table.
But you have to stress the fact that it's a tiny minority and the positive fact that the perpetrators have been brought to justice and dealt with accordingly.
It is a positive fact that women participate with 30 percent out of the total number of created jobs.
That, according to Afrim Gashi from BESA is a positive fact that this movement should lead the opposition bloc.
Falling commodity prices, continued instability in North Africa, political uncertainty in Nigeria and currency instability have all had an impact but the positive fact is that the African banking sector as a whole has managed to withstand these problems.
The headline as written put a negative spin on the positive fact that the UO's overall six-year graduation rate is substantially higher than that of the other public universities in the state, and emphasized the difference between the two rather than their absolute values.

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