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Our results support the relatively robust literature demonstrating that safety signals function as positive reinforcers for avoidance behaviors (Candido et al.
If the targeted behavior occurred at any time during the observation, the observer recorded the frequency of the response on the data collection sheet and immediately presented the identified positive reinforcer as detailed in the Social Cue Cards.
Positive conditioned suppression: Conditioned suppression using positive reinforcers as the unconditioned stimuli.
As Skinner commented, "we have not used any new terms in posing these questions [what is the effect of withdrawing a positive reinforcer or presenting a negative?
But the widespread ambiguity regarding what behaviors and products will result in positive reinforcers for faculty is often a source of conflict among members of departments and between department members and their chairs.
Subjects responded for the positive reinforcer of viewing a specially prepared video derived from popular TV programs.
Table 1 shows that among the positive reinforcers, "activities" was the most effective while the "edibles" and "objects" the relatively less effective.
Contextual factors, establishing operations, antecedent stimuli, positive reinforcers, and other consequences are used in order to produce practical behavior change, according to the article "Defining the Field of Behavior Analysis," a document provided online to educate consumers about ABA.
We need more positive reinforcers for selecting healthful foods, despite the barriers of time, expense, know-how, and habit.
Other positive reinforcers included food, extra breaks, a smile and positive words, and peer encouragement.
4) Select potentially effective positive reinforcers on the basis of the organization's history & members' perceptions.
Positive reinforcers recommended in applied literature (e.