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But, Borrell has a big positive statement to make about Radio.
Despite Pashinyan's positive statement, Armenia's case of decrease of public debt does not have positive moments.
I try to make a positive statement about it and then work backwards from there.
Trump has said Kim's recent statement that he wants to denuclearize North Korea during Trump's tenure as president was "a very positive statement."
'We value and appreciate the positive statement made by Prime Minister Imran Khan on China-Pakistan relations and the CPEC as you all are clear that China and Pakistan are all-weather strategic cooperative partners,' he added.
He also remarked that the relation between the two countries is off to a good start after a positive statement from US President Donald Trump.
It was a very positive statement. I am sure people of Jammu and Kashmir must have been relived by his statement," he said.
Despite this positive statement successive Labour governments have failed to ensure housing supply matches demand.
Atkins UK and Europe chief executive officer, Nick Roberts, comments on the UK Government's announcement on Heathrow:The UK Governments decision to support a new runway at London Heathrow is a positive statement of intent that the country is open for business and a further indication of its commitment to developing the infrastructure we need to be a world-leading economy.
NEW YORK (CyHAN)- After a closed meeting on Syria, the Security Council president told reporters in New York "the decision just announced today by the Russian president to start withdrawing" was a "positive statement."
An analyst said, 'An order book in excess of CNY30bn is a great positive statement of support for the market.

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