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The positive statement on the EIA report was received by the project company NPP Kozloduy a New Capacity EAD on Thursday.
I COULDN''T agree more with the ECHO''s comment regarding the opening of the new Medical facility on the corner of Edge Lane and Holt Road, and the positive statement the design makes on those entering the city (Stunning PS5m Edge Lane health centre, ECHO March 14).
A positive statement to ease congestion, add road capacity and by-pass gridlock pinch points.
For the first time the court gave a positive statement of assurance, without qualification, on the reliability of the accounts--in effect, confirming that they provide a true and fair view.
This is, I believe, a positive statement of intent made by someone who cares for the region.
This acquisition represents an enormously positive statement about investor confidence in the commercial real estate services industry," said a spokesman.
However, it is there both in the Old and the New Testament, but rather by implication than by positive statement.
An estate gift to the MTNA FOUNDATION FUND can make a positive statement to your family and friends regarding your priorities, as well as make a tremendous difference in MTNA's future.
I think your only positive statement about Kerry was that he would do it ``smarter,'' with hopes he can live up to that ``promise.
But that becomes apparent only when it is realized that the affirmation of a positive statement logically requires rejection of its opposite.
I really liked your last paragraph: it was a positive statement on our industry, which you don't hear often these days.