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George must positively send his answer to Sir James to-day.
Macallan's room, and could positively swear that no other person but his master was there at the time.
I assert positively that I lived on friendly terms with my wife, allowing, of course, for the little occasional disagreements and misunderstandings of married life.
USA], Jul 6 (ANI): A team of researchers has found that handshaking is viewed more positively by the Westerners than the East Asians.
LOVELL Homes and Muse Developments are showing their love for Stockton by backing the Positively Stockton-on-Tees campaign - and giving people the chance to win a water sports experience for four.
com)-- On Saturday, June 30th, 300 local “everyday athletes” and families will be feasting on bison chili, Asian primal pulled pork with broccoli slaw, lemon-garlic chicken skewers and hormone-free chipotle beef jerky, courtesy of Positively Primal.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- In an annual poll conducted by the BBC World Service, Germany is regarded most positively among 16 nations by Turks.
Thinking positively and acting positively are different things.
announced today that it will launch Crystal Veil a (classified as miscellaneous goods), a drug-free topical nasal gel that utilizes positively charged ions to help block viruses from entering the body through the nose, on Tuesday, September 18.
The major outcomes of interest were changes in the proportion of risky choices made in positively and negatively framed dilemmas by the bipolar disorder participants.
More so than oversized pictures or quilts, postcard-sized quilted keepsakes lend to display and use and POSITIVELY POSTCARDS: QUILTED KEEPSAKES TO SAVE OR SEND offers a range of 4x6 'mini-greetings' which can be done in an evening.