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I took the positiveness and held onto it with whole heart and soul.
I have a certain way of teaching, a positiveness in teaching the skill sets.
Nobody really knew anything yet but all the same they all talked with great positiveness and strategic insight.
They are entitled to whatever they want to say or chant; disappointment, belief, encouragement, positiveness.
So the pleasing thing from my point of view was their intent and their positiveness.
Robinson, The Law of Patents 190-91 (1890) ("No proposition has been more frequently or positively stated by the courts than that a principle is not a patentable invention, and yet with almost equal positiveness and frequency they have declared that the subject-matter covered by a patent is the principle of the invention.
It incorporates the country's vision and positiveness in viewing economic partnerships as necessarily achieving both mutual interests and fair dividends.
I feel that my body language has helped me in how I project that feeling of positiveness.
He adds that the size of work decrease from 10 to 15% of this time last year, but indicators indicate positiveness and the situation is gradually getting better.
Recommends Holding 15% to 20% Cash Going into the Year Despite Positiveness - As Better Buying Opportunities Likely to Emerge During a Volatile 2012
It is an extraordinary event that is equal, with its significance and positiveness, to the outburst of the Arab peoples' rage and the Egyptian revolution which has changed the face of history and constituted a major turning point for what the Arab region has been suffering from for more than half a century," Dairy said in his column on Thursday.