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His positiveness, fascinating and effective as it is for an uncritical reader, carries with it extreme self-confidence and dogmatism, which render him violently intolerant of any interpretations of characters and events except those that he has formed, and formed sometimes hastily and with prejudice.
"And we will," Billy rejoined with great positiveness. "It's us for the San Joaquin.
She varied her phrase, with the same incongruous effect of positiveness.
"He amazes me with his strength, positiveness and courageness.
Your positiveness on the field will help you achieve good results,' Sarfraz adviced the players during their meet-up in UBL Ground, Karachi on Saturday.
Sanctions are important but awards and commendations and positiveness should outweigh sanctions by five to one as a minimum.
The positiveness, meeting all the other athletes from all the other countries, it's all just been amazing.
For officials and observers, the pres-ence and moves of De Sagun, Lubigan were "gestures of positiveness" and as-surance that the campaign and election periods in Trece Martires would go on peacefully and orderly.
Brigadier Saeed Al Shamsi, Executive Director of Abu Dhabi GDRFA, stressed that GDRFA was keen to make the first day of the New Year distinguished for everyone visiting the UAE and to be full of optimism, happiness and positiveness, in compliance with the directives of the UAE's wise leadership, which cares always for devoting all efforts and abilities to make the people happy and adhering to the approach of excellence and creativity adopted by ICA for developing its services and applying such practices that meet the needs of the customers and make them happy.
According to our results, for patients in the moderate risk group, BAC positiveness may be used as a new risk predictor in terms of CVD.
He stressed the need for bringing in positiveness in thoughts, thinking besides bringing betterment in directions to be flourished in every segment of life.
"I just bring him the same routine - the calmness, the positiveness, the confidence in what he's doing.