possess authority

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In Alaska and other areas subject to PL-280, tribes still possess authority to exercise criminal jurisdiction if they so choose.
According to Mian Saeed, the Germans introduced themselves as coordinating officers of German Embassy but neither they possess authority letter from the embassy nor do they have any legal justification of their presence in Peshawar.
Those who exercise power in any system, who possess authority, act as the synapses or negotiators between the overall system and its parts.
Buddhist epistemological discourse is concerned to articulate conditions of warrant: conditions under which claims--or cognitions underlying such claims--may properly be taken to possess authority or validity (pramanya).
The agriculture secretary must possess authority to suspend sales at any time for any reason, and that must be made clear to producers, he asserts.
20 Weiner, 33-35, allows that one example of inalienable wealth is the acquisitions of the nouveau riche that possess authority and earn esteem in greater measure than their exchange value.
Some state boards possess authority to fine unlicensed accountants as much as $5,000 for infractions of the board's rules, although a $1,000 maximum fine is the norm among boards that possess such authority.