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But it does exist within the religious texts and acknowledging that it is present could open the door to those religious individuals and communities who are critical of the current religious possessiveness, enabling them to join those who support reconciliation.
While much of the discussion centered around male violence against women, the broader topics included same-gender couple violence and possessiveness, jealousy, alienation of friends and warning signs of violent relationships.
For example, she says that possessiveness can 'ruin a relationship' (p.
She's married, vaguely happily, to the company's pencil-pushing nebbish Russell (Benjamin King), whose possessiveness doesn't really make up for his lack of romanticism.
In his 1979 study The American Nightmare: Essays on the Horror Film, the esteemed cineaste Robin Wood declared that the zombie's cannibalism "represents the ultimate in possessiveness, hence the logical end of human relations under capitalism.
Issues that are crucial to teamwork--such as leadership, communication, sharing, possessiveness, ego, cooperation, and competition--are elicited as they work.
Over the past century, our free enterprise system has been successful in making virtues out of greed, wealth and possessiveness.
Even at that point, she was unsure of the relationship because he had shown signs of possessiveness.
Local entities are infamous for turf wars, records possessiveness, and, at times, a uniquely introspective and counterproductive provinciality.
Reactions will vary according to generation and the degree of possessiveness one feels toward the songs.
Many think jealousy and possessiveness are signs of love, when in fact they are examples of someone exercising power and control--and that's what abuse is about," says STAR's coordinator Divya Kumar.