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POSSESSOR. He who holds, detains or enjoys a thing, either by himself or his agent, which he claims as his own.
     2. In general the possessor of personal chattels is presumed to be the owner; and in case of real estate he has a right to receive the profits, until a title adverse to his possession has been established, leaving him subject to an action for the mesne profits. (q.v.)

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Is this such an every-day character that you should reject the possessor of such noble qualities without a moment's hesitation?
Speaking in a debate on weapons of mass destruction in Geneva, Pakistan's permanent representative to the UN Tehmina Janjua said early elimination of stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons by possessor States is essential.
An adverse possessor might have actual possession of only a certain portion, such as a fenced-in area adjacent to the property line (10) or a campsite gradually constructed in an uncultivated area, (11) leaving the remainder to the original owner.
Israel is believed to be the sole possessor of nuclear arms in the Middle-East with over 200 ready-to-launch warheads in its stockpile.
Things that are made, not discovered, follow the same pattern, where the maker is the first possessor and enjoys legal ownership until it is transferred, such as by sale, or lost through abandonment of the thing.
12) Second, productive use provides a fairness-based limitation on the scope of property rights, making sure both that the initial possessor has done something to merit the property right and allowing for necessary reallocation when the productive use of a subsequent claimant outstrips the productive use of the initial claimant.
However, the vehicle turns out to be an alien scout with a life of its own which before long embroils Sam in an intergalactic war between two factions of giant shape-changing robots, which have come to Earth to find a mystical cube that grants infinite power to its possessor.
Possessor of one of the defining tenor saxophone voices in jazz, he had been a giant of the genre since being a vital member of the Duke Ellington Orchestra in the early 1940s, yet this was his first visit to Europe and to Ronnie's.
Kevin Sheedy was the proud possessor of the most cultured left foot in Goodison folklore, and the value of a good left peg is a lesson he's been trying to coach into the young striker.
Put in food possessor or hand blend then fine pass soup through sieve and season ?
Can the desire to be the proud possessor of the 'number one' ticket at the meat counter really be that strong?
An additional morphological criterion can be cited in opposition to the nominative designation, namely, the formative OzO used in marking a nominative singular subject-function possessum of a 3SG possessor never occurs with the deverbal Om+O formative sequence; instead it is the formative OnzO the one that co-occurs with all other cases and the nominative plural that is attested.