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POSSESSOR. He who holds, detains or enjoys a thing, either by himself or his agent, which he claims as his own.
     2. In general the possessor of personal chattels is presumed to be the owner; and in case of real estate he has a right to receive the profits, until a title adverse to his possession has been established, leaving him subject to an action for the mesne profits. (q.v.)

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Possession is a linguistic concept that conveys the idea of appurtenance between a possessor and a possessed (possessum, possessee), for the expression of which there is a diverse inventory of means in the language systems of the world (Broschart 2001).
A message on the floor of the leather case that holds the real Crown, while written in Hebrew, is an ancient code that defies attempts to decipher it by any of the possessors throughout its journey; until Charles Edmonds and Lord James Halliday become involved in 1989.
And just like when you buy a deck with killer graphics, you gotta decide whether to skate it or hang it--so too must the possessors of these pies face a hard decision: eat it or keep it.
The police said that some suspected possessors of narcotics were detained.
However, a finder who intends to keep the goods in defiance of the owner's right or who immediately on taking possession uses the goods for his personal benefit may forfeit the normal immunity accorded to such possessors and be sued for trespass to goods or conversion.
Dead lovers of our fathers possessors Of the once common but then abandoned Names-- Edith Gladys Theodora Pearl Khaki-wackies leotarded hipsters-- Names given over to modest markers Thousands of stone loaves splintering sunlight Their chiseled dates spanning a century Influenza polio HIV Lynchings World Wars the sputtering progress Of democracy-- your true names waver Like heat thumbing asphalt like history The lives of others .
Prior possessors have superior chattel rights to those of the finder unless those rights were acquired illegally, such as by stealing.
Larijani expressed regret that the possessors of nuclear arsenals still continue to keep thousands of nuclear warheads in their stockpiles and upgrade them, adding that they have sometimes used depleted nuclear materials in recent wars.
Albania's Council of Ministers approved the decision of "expropriation in the public interest for the owners and possessors of real estate, personal property, affected by the implementation of the project" Northern Boulevard and rehabilitation of Tirana River, Phase I of ", in the Municipality of Tirana.
exemplified by (20) and (21), respectively, with pronominal, personal and lexical NP possessors (The possessor is rendered in bold face.
Samsung has launched Music Hub which delivers 19 million songs and 100GB of cloud storage, a feature especially targeting possessors of the new Galaxy S3.
1) The traditional doctrine of adverse possession allows adverse possessors to gain title to property possessed in a continuous, exclusive, open, notorious, and hostile manner (2) for a certain number of years.