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POSSESSOR. He who holds, detains or enjoys a thing, either by himself or his agent, which he claims as his own.
     2. In general the possessor of personal chattels is presumed to be the owner; and in case of real estate he has a right to receive the profits, until a title adverse to his possession has been established, leaving him subject to an action for the mesne profits. (q.v.)

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In this example, it is clear that Mr Keeper acquired a possessory title to the dresses, which he was capable of passing by will to his son, Mr Lucky.
of the 1990s were the possessory actions and tests set out in the Van
17) The key to this question is whether the leasehold interests at issue solely constitute "leasehold or other possessory interests in real property owned by [government entities], which are undeveloped or predominantly used for residential or commercial purposes and upon which rental payments are due.
In the example above, there would be two mortality calculations: (1) the value of the life estate held by the beneficiary's mother and (2) the risk that the beneficiary would die before his withdrawal power became possessory.
Because this Article engages a relatively new topic in legal academic literature--contraceptive sabotage--it seems prudent and logically efficient to consider it initially in light of this foundational principle of self- ownership rather than eliding possessory considerations by applying a higher order autonomy construct at this time.
In respect to a just possessory interest over physical objects (excluding the bodies of sentient agents), Chartier outlines a set of baseline possessory rules that allow the first agent to take effective possession over a physical object to become its effective owner and use, exclude others from using, and transfer the object, as they see fit--within the bounds of respecting the just possessory claims and bodies of others (pp.
them of possessory interests in airspace (ii) for the primary purpose of
FN2] Therefore, plaintiff has a superior possessory right and is entitled to the return of his canine companion.
The possessory activities had to be consistent, transparent and open to the rest of the world.
On April 9, 2007, Odyssey then filed a verified admiralty complaint against "The Unidentified Shipwrecked Vessel" in the Middle District of Florida, listing a possessory and ownership claim.
A majority of the court held that because plaintiffs held only a royalty interest in the minerals at issue (a nonpossessory interest), as opposed to a right to physically occupy the property (a possessory interest), they had to prove actual damages to prevail on their subsurface trespass claim.
But, when we explore abandonment through the lens of possessory interests in land (which everyone agrees cannot legally be abandoned), we begin to recognize the right to abandon as both more qualified and less unilateral than initially appears to be the case.