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POSSESSOR. He who holds, detains or enjoys a thing, either by himself or his agent, which he claims as his own.
     2. In general the possessor of personal chattels is presumed to be the owner; and in case of real estate he has a right to receive the profits, until a title adverse to his possession has been established, leaving him subject to an action for the mesne profits. (q.v.)

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The dismissal was premised upon the fact that the party seeking replevin failed to demonstrate a possessory right or wrongful detention.
Right near the end of his judgment, [Campbell] said possessory title means Aboriginal title is extinguished and if you can't use the land then you don't have Aboriginal title because Aboriginal title means use of the land.
This rationale for drug proscriptions, however, is vulnerable to the very same difficulty that Fletcher brought against possessory offenses in the first place: it sweeps too wide.
But a passenger with no possessory interest in a vehicle usually cannot object to its continued detention or suppress the fruits of that detention, because Fourth Amendment rights are personal rights which .
The Zimmerman claimants likely could have satisfied the first element of the test, establishing that the ordinance effectively deprived them of any possessory use of their airspace, because wind energy development was the only financially viable physical use for the airspace at issue.
280 (2006) (analyzing possessory actions in the context of advowsons).
However, a co-owner holding a life estate has a present possessory interest in the property, and the co-owner with the remainder interest has a future interest with no present right to possess the property.
The service recipient has a significant economic or possessory interest in the property;
meaningfully interferes with an individual's possessory interests
16) The first section will discuss temporary seizures that effectively implicate no possessory interest.
a) A lawyer shall not enter into a business transaction with a client or knowingly acquire an ownership, possessory, security or other pecuniary interest adverse to a client unless: