possibility of injury

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So far as that construction may expose the Union to the possibility of injury from the State legislatures, it is an evil; but it is an evil which could not have been avoided without excluding the States, in their political capacities, wholly from a place in the organization of the national government.
The flower was so lightly pressed upon all sides, with a supply of air from above, that the coach could now travel full speed without any possibility of injury to the tulip.
After the bombing of medical facilities, "all foreign doctors left [the country] for fear of the regime, and only two doctors stayed with me: one French and one English."The possibility of injury or personal danger did not prevent those who chose to remain in Syria from continuing to assist the victims of the bombing.
Other risks identified included possibility of injury from flying debris or inhalation of dangerous substances.
Four in five consumers (79 percent) would provide personal data, including income, location and lifestyle habits, to their insurer if they believe it would help reduce the possibility of injury or loss.
The equipment of the playground is made of high quality materials and meets the safety requirements: the playing area is covered with a special protective layer, which prevents the possibility of injury, the equipment of the site does not have sharp corners, and the play areas at the height are protected by special barriers.
The system will increase pilots' awareness of surroundings, helping to ensure they use the correct runways and taxiways, and providing passengers with a smoother experience and greatly reducing the possibility of injury. These solutions reduce pilot workload, allowing them to make better-informed decisions to improve passenger safety and comfort.
"They had little option at this point and felt a real possibility of injury," Ms Dalton said.
If the opposition invites its supporters to the swearing-in fete, there will almost certainly be violence, with the possibility of injury and death.Foreign powers have weighed in on the unfolding situation, with the US advising against the swearing-in, and recommending that the opposition and Jubilee should hold dialogue.
A biopsy was aborted due to possibility of injury to lung parenchymal tissue supported by ruptured cartilage.
Those who tie themselves to trees or chain themselves to construction sites face the strong possibility of injury or imprisonment.