possibility of injury

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So far as that construction may expose the Union to the possibility of injury from the State legislatures, it is an evil; but it is an evil which could not have been avoided without excluding the States, in their political capacities, wholly from a place in the organization of the national government.
The flower was so lightly pressed upon all sides, with a supply of air from above, that the coach could now travel full speed without any possibility of injury to the tulip.
The system will increase pilots' awareness of surroundings, helping to ensure they use the correct runways and taxiways, and providing passengers with a smoother experience and greatly reducing the possibility of injury.
They had little option at this point and felt a real possibility of injury," Ms Dalton said.
If the opposition invites its supporters to the swearing-in fete, there will almost certainly be violence, with the possibility of injury and death.
Those who tie themselves to trees or chain themselves to construction sites face the strong possibility of injury or imprisonment.
A biopsy was aborted due to possibility of injury to lung parenchymal tissue supported by ruptured cartilage.
While injuries to these lane-splitting riders were fewer and tended to be less grave, the researchers found that the difference between the motorcycle's and the traffic's speeds correlated to the possibility of injury.
In such injuries we should keep in mind the possibility of injury to vital structures, like larynx, trachea, esophagus, major neck vessels, nerve roots and spinal cord.
The possibility of injury at Sochi may pose the greatest risk to both players and franchises.
CLEVELAND, Ohio, September 17, 2013 -- Vaginal delivery presents thee possibility of injury for mothers that can lead to "stress urinary incontinence" (SUI), a condition affecting from four to 35 percent of women who have had babies via vaginal delivery.
Risk management is the process of identifying uncertainty and evaluating the possibility of injury on our property and in our activities.