possibility of loss

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'The attorney named a large sum, at hazard, as the advance he should require to secure himself against the possibility of loss; but more with the view of ascertaining how far his client was really disposed to go, than with any idea that he would comply with the demand.
Implementation of digitally signed e-PPOs for all categories of Pensioners which eliminates the time taken for dispatch and possibility of loss in transit.
Fundamentally, business investment decisions are initiated for two reasons--to increase the potential for gain or to reduce the possibility of loss.
He realizes that if Klaus can sacrifice everything for his family, he can deal with the possibility of loss.
Diversification and asset allocation alone can't guarantee a profit or ensure against the possibility of loss, but they can help you manage the types and level of risk you take.
Any condition or situation that presents a possibility of loss whether or not an actual loss occurs.
I have tried to create work that seems unaffected by time, but at the same time, I am aware of time's passage, the possibility of loss, an abrupt reversal of safety.
In their original petition, the coalition already mentioned the possibility of loss of jobs, contractualization, forced retirement, and constructive dismissal.
First, validate families' feelings of the real possibility of loss. Trying to convince them that they will lose their loved one, even if they continue to enable, shuts them down from further discussion.
With an understanding of the policy objectives, companies doing business in Saudi can begin to proactively develop their operations in line with the objectives and in this way reduce the possibility of loss of competitiveness.
In fact, 78 percent of workers now prefer guaranteed products to those with higher growth potential and the possibility of loss, according to a recent poll by Allianz.
The core problem in a dual relationship is the likely appearance of conflict of interest, non-therapeutic power imbalance, or the possibility of loss of objectivity and trust.