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Possible problems gaining security clearance or having a security clearance revoked (this also applies for government workers, including military)
Now, as Jubien is aware, the work done by possible worlds extends beyond the analysis of modality.
3 : able or suited to be or to become <I have a possible solution.
I shall assume what I call "the assumption of interworld reference", that is, that when a name is used in a certain possible world--let's suppose for simplicity that this is the actual world--it may refer to objects also in other possible worlds.
Once it became possible to determine molecular structures of biologically important molecules routinely and easily, it became possible to relate molecular structures to life processes.
Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi said in a newspaper interview he had many doubts about a possible tie-up between Air France KLM and Italian carrier Alitalia.
And if we imagine the earth to be raised--even though this remains impossible--then its place will either (i) remain vacant, that is, will be followed by vacuum, and vacuum is not possible, or (ii) be filled by another body, and if this were the case it would not be filled naturally but by force due to the non-existence of vacuum.
Possible downside: Birth control is still a no-no for some Catholics.
PERTH & NORTH PERTHSHIRE Pete Wishart (SNP) Possible Con gain
The ability to sequence many genomes completely has been made possible by the enormous reduction of the cost of sequencing in the past two decades, from tens of dollars per base in the 1980s to a few cents per base today.
Using a possible selves perspective in the career counseling process can be productive because counselors can help participants to imagine possible alternative occupations (Hill & Spokane, 1995).
Possible Sources-Turbulence in the metal transfer systems.