possible client

See: prospect
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on June 7 when he left their house in Rosario, Batangas, to meet a possible client.
Passion for our Clients' - we try to provide the best possible client service and the highest levels of transparency in the property market, adhering to strict service standards.
Non-professional staff is essential to not only keep the firm running smoothly on a day-to-day basis, but also to enhance expertise that is critical for providing the best possible client service.
I would keep their options open," Goldman agreed, when asked what he would tell a possible client in the case.
Creative work, that is not genuine but is sufficiently compliant with the rules set by the Lynx, and that is backed by possible client collusion, renders Lynx defenceless.
La cooperative du regroupement des organismes francophones de Thunder Bay, a group of six Francophone organizations, pockets $14,000 to do a study to assess the possible client usage of a proposed regional multi-service centre.
You may know what solution and what features of the solution could mean for a possible client, but all they may want to know about are the benefits to your solution.
IBM's Smarter Commerce vision is dependent on us strategically partnering with our Business Partners to deliver the best possible client experience.
In order to create economic and legal mechanisms for development of renewable energy sources, the bill proposes following: - to create a deadline for payback period of the projects on renewable energy use up to 8 years; - to charge distribution energy companies to purchase electricity produced only at renewable energy stations and not used by the owner of the production company for his own purposes; It is proposed to establish energy company that connects to the station, as a single possible client for the purchase of electricity produced at renewable energy stations.
The yard must cater for every possible client need.
With objective and robust judging, awards provide credible third-party endorsement of the success of your business; any possible client, investor, stakeholder can't fail to be impressed by that kind of commitment to excellence, improvement and succession.
The weekly Journal du Dimanche said Strauss-Kahn's name surfaced in the investigation as a possible client.

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