possible customer

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It is testament to how focused every one of our colleagues is on providing the best possible customer service to our customers.
com/gamestop-investigating-possible-customer-data-hack-2522769) GameStop Investigating Possible Customer Data Hack
In order to deliver the best possible customer experience, the firm would continue to make heavy investment in customer service interactive channels, he added.
First Commonwealth president Jane Grebenc said, "Payment technology is at the forefront of this transformation, and we look forward to working with TransFirst to ensure the best possible customer experience for the businesses we serve.
Everyone in the company is focused on providing the best possible customer service, and this is what drives everything we do.
O2 said the centre will be more cost effective and flexible as a result of the IP-based contact centre solution, ensuring it delivers the best possible customer experience.
as a seed provider that not only offers quality seed but also does so with the best possible customer service.
The schedule was considered a "live" document as it was updated weekly to reflect possible customer order changes and to allow for more flexibility.
To have the best possible customer service, the best training.
We work hard to provide the best possible customer service.
An office space has been added to the building for possible customer use.

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