possible patron

See: prospect
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Possible patron demographic influences should also be studied and controls for the convenient factor employed.
It offers a detailed and up-to-date account of the manuscript's physical features, of the processes by which it was compiled, copied, and decorated, and of the range of possible patrons and readers for whom it might have been produced.
Bottom left, a coat of arms above the main door showing three swans, which may be linked to the possible patrons of the paintings, the Bawdrip family, of nearby Penmark Place.
McCabe urged city businesses to take advantage of the show by welcoming possible patrons to their businesses with auto-themed signs and the like.
Librarians Serving Diverse Populations: Challenges and Opportunities" looks into what a librarian in a racially diverse area must face in order to make an all accommodating library for all possible patrons.
She earnestly began to study the lives of the saints, and even presented me with a short list of possible patrons.

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