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The name has appeared to find favor, and all things considered, it may possibly be quite as well to let it stand, instead of going back to the House of Hanover for the appellation of our finest sheet of water.
The young man was tried and convicted of the crime; but either the circumstantial nature of the evidence, and possibly some lurking doubts in the breast of the executive, or" lastly--an argument of greater weight in a republic than it could have been under a monarchy,--the high respectability and political influence of the criminal's connections, had availed to mitigate his doom from death to perpetual imprisonment.
Providence had meditated better things for me than I could possibly imagine for myself.
and this dear parlour in which our acquaintance first began, and in which so many happy hours have been since spent by us together, you would degrade to the condition of a common entrance, and every body would be eager to pass through the room which has hitherto contained within itself more real accommodation and comfort than any other apartment of the handsomest dimensions in the world could possibly afford.
It would take me quite a year, possibly my whole life, to find the water.
Possibly I am a hundred, possibly more; but I cannot tell because I have never aged as other men, nor do I remember any childhood.
As I walked I was watching for every impression that could possibly help to explain the condition of ruinous splendour in which I found the world--for ruinous it was.
Possibly, I even regret, myself, that I have given so few slaps in the face during my life.
Again, since the fact that Socrates is ill is the contrary of the fact that Socrates is well, and two contrary conditions cannot both obtain in one and the same individual at the same time, both these contraries could not exist at once: for if that Socrates was well was a fact, then that Socrates was ill could not possibly be one.
Norris could not possibly keep to herself, put an end to all intercourse between them for a considerable period.
No, sir, that is my difficulty, and explains why I brought you out here, where we cannot possibly be overheard.
Tess had never in her recent life been so happy as she was now, possibly never would be so happy again.